Virtual Tour

“AMR Conference Committee to command, we are beaming to you a mix of videos featuring Abandoned Mine Reclamation including virtual tours of treatment systems, interviews of reclamation professionals, and videos produced by our partners and community members, all narrated by the conference committee… Enjoy!”

Here are a few abstracts we have approved. Please stay tuned for more…

“Oneida #3 Treatment System”, Ed Wytovich, EPCAMR; Wayne Lehman, Schuylkill Conservation District

The Oneida #3 Tunnel discharge is located roughly two miles northwest of the town of Oneida in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The mine drainage tunnel was driven 7,000 feet north of the actual mine to drain the South Green Mountain coal basin mine water to the Tomhicken Creek. The Oneida #3 is the second-largest discharge to the Catawissa Creek with an average flow of 4,000 GPM, a pH of 4.6 SU, net acidity of 15 PPM, total aluminum of 2 PPM, total iron of 0.2 PPM, and total manganese of 0.5 PPM. The passive system has been online increasing alkalinity and dropping out aluminum since 2008.  It is similar to the nearby Audenreid Treatment System but only needed 2 limestone-filled tanks. Due to limited Growing Greener grant funding and increased construction costs, only 1 tank was installed, but the system was built to be expanded when more funding is available.